How it works

Basic information about the process

The course comprises 13 procedures with a duration of 30 minutes each,over 10 consecutive days,
tedy i.e. just 6.5 hours in total.

  1. You make an appointment for a consultation at the selected medical facility by phone or e-mail.
  2. The first personal visit involves a roughly half-hour consultation with a physician. To make your discussion with our physicians faster and easier, we recommend bringing along any medical reports describing your medical condition.
  3. You choose a convenient date for commencing the therapy according to the available time slots. One of the advantages of this therapy is that individual timing according to your needs and availability can be arranged.
  4. You start the ten-day therapy.
  5. A final consultation with a physician concludes the ten-day course.

More information

Pleasant and painless relaxation.


Are you busy and would rather avoid commuting for your therapy? Individual therapy can also be provided at your home under special conditions. The price and conditions applicable to this therapy are available on request from the headquarters of Stimsmart s.r.o. - information line.

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